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pull out of a detainee and the private sector the country's growing to include cyclones. they will not scratch it. you knew me in moving moving moving breaking news at all seem to not smoke or amy is no norm than the caves commands an anti ukrainian and fourth division says it will forgo the borders of local authorities bringing the total number of treats this week's least almost six thousand plus. he is well nigh he created the crisis in ukraine and how they did it russia's foreign minister response to threats of isolation essentials of the country's most is on ukraine. teasing someone the west of the sky making the places in the first place
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while he is the source is critically johnson charge of several key economic regions in a bid to stamp out the river bandits sentiment sweeping the southeast. and also the part well and good intentions and the consequences of westlake humanitarian convoys to syria are reportedly being teased by one of the european tour contest to join defines the interval tonk country the eye. it seems not to drink you like most. welcome to the problem. and listen to the breaking news announcing to the show and in tiny ukraine and fools division has pledged donations to the crimean people eight hundred pence an hour almost sixteen warplanes are not under the command of local authorities. that brings the total number of troops have reportedly switch lanes
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in the paintings he had to almost six thousand in just two days and on tv garbage can on kansas now alive and from the crimea time favorites at various up to date on the developments in crimea. well this is an air force to be stuck here in the crimea. um or mediation that the path are forty five mig fighter jets at around eight hundred personnel numbers and all of them have now sworn allegiance to one of the cranium of forty c coming in addition to other crimean police on the ot moreover on its own needy emergency services affordable said that they will not fulfill what the court the legal orders coming from the self appointed government to support authorities in kyiv is only the poles who were in service of before the uprising happens during the assault upon the former chief commander in chief of ukraine's the navy fleet. he was supported by the new authorities the inky a fact of the uprising he now says that the only cole porter's
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will take will come from also local authorities here in the crimea. but i can use the results case clearly just the people of the economist republic of kenya and the key to the city of seven still full. i swear to strictly comply with the orders of the supreme commander of crimea on the commander's minute units approved by him as well as with requirements and regulations. i swear to only perform my duty to take the life and piquant the residence of kenya and associates of a skillful meanwhile it seems support to within the nosy alston your stories in kiev says declining even in western parts of the crunchy there are reports that several special force of brigade so every few still fulfilling orders to march on the twenty eighth year on the peninsula um also feel local military bases and arsenals are now under the complete control of local authorities those servicemen who refuse to pledge allegiance to the autonomous republic of
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crimea of either left to the peninsula or resigns altogether now. currently all of the strategic facilities like airports and government buildings even the streets of cities are patrolled by self defense squads. i am so basically local authorities are currently building their own independent defence ministry and the needy while ikea has been drafting have reserve servicemen. i choose to abort forster of the un. he then knew it she forces but so far only around one point five percent off these reserves showed up. lcc corpus can also lie that from that center awfully far thank you very much indeed. russia's foreign minister has responded strongly to criticism of his policies on ukraine. he was speaking am on the prices at the un human rights council in geneva it's easy to read into the sky now reports. there's a foreign minister has come down hard on critics of russia's actions particularly reminding the western leaders about the fact that they have
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supported the opposition in une the days of protests at the end of last year and beginning of this year and thereby essence of the contributing to the crisis in ukraine because their support for the opposition. essentially gave way to the radical extremists who have permeated all branches off the current south korean government in ukraine thereby contributing to mayhem that is happening in the country at the moment here's more from russian foreign minister. let's go to church because you're new to try to interpret the situation aggressively to threaten us with sanctions and boycotts the same western part of the bombs that repeatedly and insistently in comics the political powers the booklet of them. to put forward an ultimatum and to refuse to have donald. to ignore the concerns of the self and the feast of you crank and ultimately to polarize ukrainian society we're calling on everyone to approach the situation responsibly. to put aside geo political calculations and make the interests of
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the ukrainian people. a top priority. it's necessary to ensure the conditions of the twenty first of every tree tea and that's including the constitutional reform in which all the regions will take offs and have their opinions. and which will then be put to a nationwide referendum. this is an opportunity to remind the western officials about the agreement was signed between ukrainian president of the opposition leader's heart every time he first laid eyes on the west different toppling who stares at the governors of the dogs outside. however none of the points of the view we have been fulfilled by the opposition and yet we have heard a single word of criticism from the west. also in the labyrinth has in mind it that had potential military action flicks russia's upper house of parliament has voted for on saturday is actually like
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the weight saving the lives of russian nationals who would be in danger in ukraine and it is important to remember that that direction could only be undertaken if the president decides to do so. however he hasn't said the last words yes and yes we have not seen any and all criticism towards russia starting with next to cut off all ties in and deal with potential sanctions against moscow. the remainder sky that count the u s presidents at most there was breaching international legal and faces being consummated. that dotted the scenes of nutrient a bunch of the condemnation coming from the prime minister at the country then joined the list of countries the house is under preparation for the g eight summit in such a rush of potenti use of force was ao deep gd by the eas feignoly chief as well d a bre this pmise that one of the trend saying there's no excuse for unsigned and itching to mention all this display most customers coming even decided to actually send troops back but sevilla
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someone to treat sick and told them no connection to cousin's house. secondary carry threatening to isolate russia economically and politically he's like an acid free since in these events he said russia may not remain the g eight deal with threats and there was chris is a lesson. it's really nineteenth century behavior in the twenty first century and there is no way to start with. you just don't invade noer country on phony pre tax. in order to assert your interest will be interviewing never asked and what about iraq. what about constant threats to use force coming from washington during the sunday into secretary kerry was also asked about israel about an incident that gambles upcoming visit about the peace process. of course on those issues would hurt a very different secretary kerry careful diplomatic calling for negotiations. no appeals to the wind charter not to worry about israel breaking international on
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the us supporting it. to get a sense that the us is appealing to the un charter when it's in its interests and i wanted to visit any welsh fans washington should be offering lectures wellington based in hong kong pixel. there is no question either under the nineteen ninety four agreement on any sense of moral duty. any sense of national pride or simply as a matter of being a in the region that has the power to prevent chaos. there's no question that russia is within her right to protect these people in this plan absolutely no question the only people who can shriek about international law. ironically the people who have been violating it with out seats for at least the last fifteen years and lately and on you for all the world. it is. the real absolute least to read for the secretary of state of the united states. to say that the country doesn't have
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the right to get the other puppies without pretense when he did great at the moment his own government is involved in up to a dozen countries. the whole world thinks that it sounds great except for the western press optioned to class assumptions might be tough to keep given the signs and current of russia's economy us he's wearing a cross her husband the king on with the noun. most countries calling for supporting the sanctions against russia was it only stands to use this isn't the real question now let's take a look at russia in terms of its global standing in terms of its economy. so according to the world bank. russia is actually there was a fifth largest economy in terms of its purchasing power. we have no trade turnover seven hundred day if i'd been in the eu as the list was like a dumb little further and take a look at what his relationship with the eu to put the ball to actually import from the european union. all we have forty five
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percent which accounts for the automotive sector that includes wishing them a spare point eight percent of that is for farmers because the madison campus so that would leave. what a bigger hole and they knew there would have to look for other countries that would be able to deliver these kids these days but a lot about the exports will this isn't something you definitely need to look at. so what does russia exports to the european union we have an album or frankenstein which makes the picture quite what we are so most of the things of ross also export to forty percent off late in the pleading is used in many different factors as you can see here and in fact they can use one of its biggest clients that one other thing to mention is of course and diamonds are a girl's best friend. will that we have had if the second global and production. that is. and let's forget that all this comes out it's highly g eight partners all russia have actually said that there will
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be boycotting already suspended operations for the upcoming summit and softly in the june later on i could afford to do that may jeopardize their relationship with vodka in the long term into the fourth century how not to look elsewhere because for example when the botched laid out his high end commercial pursuits he's in los santos has been that this was the so many years after this could be the persuasive that they're looking for let's not also forget that in two thousand and fourteen their bilateral trade turnover is expected to reach one hundred billion u s dollars. how can that be you we of the worst news in such a valuable partner because also we do need to stress that one third of the eu supplies of oil and gas began to calm for most of this could cripple the shop town that could cripple your pedals all the other countries in terms of an accident and money and stock markets could cripple economies world wide. also we have to consider the cold case comes at a time when we
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have european economies and salutes tatters. ukraine is struggling financially in itself. now we see that truly is with spearheading western rhetoric you're driving the eu with that kind of really afford to help ukraine right now and also with the bigger ones. well we have it that boys and costly they keep raising the dead the ceiling that the best comes out of town where no one can really afford to. any help ukraine and the big pad of risk or percussion that this could have on their own economies. precious again the new summer season competing in ukraine spread across the south east of the country. kiev is asking for help from some of the people. the crowns on mines and we're running again just to the country's elite tonks has been appointed to govern and rested but economically powerful regions his campaign to replace officials that doesn't he's tha class a myth that the men being given power
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the oligarchs who helped to finance the few against the dna code which is governments coming into college. two of those that being appointed governors in the ol' important in the steel hull and holds the keys to ukraine in unit patrols we see me you gotten caught up once the takeover is the covenant dead now he's the third richest man in the country with around two point four billion dollars the head of ukraine's major commercial bank in two thousand and three he made the news himself as he raised investigates it about threats made against the light pole but a lowly about malia as a nation the wallace and shelves and seriously wounded a cough that the investigation into mystical the most you will draw will sway even gone yet switching said the title to take over is the covenant that he's one of the top ten richest in the country with around two billion. you make that money owed to the eye and in steel business he said
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familiar face around the interim government and that's what they're looking for really. they want people loyal to their goal is to know one thing people that helped to finance the two told to get rewards for helping to just bust elsewhere we have a new interior minister here in kiev metro going to call sin of not go for now he takes over is the interior minister not worth this much is due to govern as financially only around four hundred million dollars that what is interesting about him is that in twenty twelve he appears on page one of the two poles of most wanted list in connection with a land deal that charges were eventually dropped. however the giving of these roles to some of the richest in the country and some of ukraine's most powerful oligarchs isn't going to sit well with the people to take out onto the streets of independence square where they wanted to overthrow the government they wanted to make it that they can get reads all the use of the oligarchs it seems that
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the summit talks about finding this out looking quite important positions followed by the interim government but they've since they they being the loyal to them this week seeing more and more opposition to rise up against andrew in the east of the country as my colleague alexi of a shift in our faults so i used to go they have control of the country. thousands took to the streets of some of the largest cities including kite on saturday and would be governed by the new glitch in the capital. my family my kids to live in peace but will i be a ukranian. don't waste money on. all i can do with how to tackle rising market. i went to sam have had their hands alone. housed
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in the country trails. then we meet our son. we don't want such a country we want our country to be peaceful be used to work and pay taxes the state the war started as a peaceful rally turned violent when pro russian activists cost with bill was named to the authorities in kenya. yes people to use as well as books in stakes. more than a hundred were injured as protesters managed to gain control of the administration building and even replace the ukrainian flag with the russian one. before saturday the ministry silva talk of region building was protected by the so called self defense. off mike down now it is secured by the police forces and is still great deal of uncertainty as to who actually holds the power here other cities in the east and southeast again sitting at the critical to the gods also she'll gain his trust in government. it calls to hold a referendum on the region's faith which probably means separation from you. and from the legion of legal and judicial reform the election of judges to
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food court and with justice it really means. in case no claims or ignored them and the local referendums according to the internationally recognized want to self determination the sea wall in the east. and the ban means to crush us. those canadians russian speaking to us isn't it. it's a trance. it's huge and the people working here window cleaning the shelves they made it pretty clear from day one. they have an extremely hostile cheats and trust me to go. the backs of those who favor the rich lush and the rule in our interests be an efficient land rich in ukraine they haven't done anything to stop the destruction of russian
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monuments. they made their voice heard. protesters against his new political establishment left the square is off this season but said on wednesday and listen to that someday they might start taking decisions into their own hands. it's either since he ought to. reporting from the ukraine. did these on to take pictures of protest is in the safety of danny and skip at the new appointed on the gun covenant to be relieved. thousands gathered outside the administration office calling for reinstatement or re count on east with russia. las week locals choose different paths in as governor but to the sponsor of the role of nike and compete in beijing and cindy who think challenge causing widespread anger more news ahead. the ink amazing little town in congo is a serious approach to knitting news he's trying to hide its. two new name science technology
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innovations all new developments around russia we got to the future. you know. i did. murders you what hit me. though. your aunties today. however
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research. i . it seems natural coming to mind for more than welcome. a congolese are reportedly being teased as trojan horses for one of the european is heading to syria. your baby's thousands of young muslims coming to that will sign on the atc humanitarian missions to help them get back. as anti science has found. it is destined to aid distribution then roughly a three thousand mile charity. take it of course you that i'm going to the cause of the country cracking under the strain of a devastating on getting complex. we live them. was it the city. he is
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lord. so here. cheesecake like say the medical supply is not just any tickets by kitty make its way to syria with the number of british places in syria and now less than the kids to be nearing four hundred days. and with the recent revelation that a suicide bombing in an fa is thought to be carried out by a restuarant speaking parts and in a convoy. the common belief the country and to increase the spca. this summer. we are beating. he'll eat it. it is. yet still
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lights up the street so we stopped for this. the war that's what we can that's the key he is guilty. that's the ch. he says he's been avoiding the use that many young men is that it fits with the hacking update the post fight for the first eighteen months hardly read the notice until about three months ago. this consensus it isn't concerned about the budget people voted and across who eventually. those that survive will come back i plan to take place in a texting the whole thing bethany i now give me six months there's a big increase in the number and syria been a hit counter terrorism the rats. maybe they'll actually be seen if the team that needs to be closing
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the door to the whole hopeless bolted. disney dallas baptist and that means in theory and fluffy. she dislocated her she finds that the fed think of that complicates the situation on the ground. i like. the kids and even then. lexi. what is the way. i stopped. i feel about you. like what the team discovered that michael moore. that would basically aspect of the nativity scene. the costs that we have today. break the mood changed to syria with the lights on the frontline to help they desperately needs. serious questions that may take the house the best in show the days to be paid to how
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they conduct states that finds itself at home in london. you can always find tools from auntie online in painting avoiding minute chase out the spot for me. as of little things jason history of the mountain that for us to denounce the government wants to and that exemption from h e t t and also that a sigh of relief on his green this meant. some cities it is environmentally questionable oil and gas trading techniques will tell you more nothing to actually read this on an entire can of course in pakistan's capital is on the bond has left at least eleven people dead and twenty injured. this is fun but missed estimates of ex places at the complex after gunmen stormed the building and out the fine. no one has claimed responsibility but at times and this comes after the pakistani brunch of the time on the cloud and mom's home truths. one of the largest anti government on a city that is latin for
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weeks and if it clashes with police in caracas the street as atlanta that i'm against us said officials of the countries they need cleaning and demanded the release of a recipe for testers. it's a fine least eleven people having caleb end of the two hundred injured in the ongoing us the us. tune in. we'll get to watch in a sea world you were ever you go to a maid she asks for your own tablet this program schedules on demand video. i don't mind saying his pee all over by a ball. i enjoyed the us versions available. this is your marketplace today research makes the network you knew mdm new one. sixty
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one. jonathan. costly. go to laos. find someone to help the state. the alchemist. it also continues to talk on tuesday. so on. all i could choose to sit in between cremation. in laos. mistakes we want the tories choose the i do not produce yet
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more often. no financing ups in sydney. it's good for you it's not. they did this too according to all who don't know enough to something which might cause trouble it's for supplying up to one of the amounts of time. she grunts and for supplying fuel consumption. your response be given to her. you mentioned city to city we live in states like adults the couple you know commutes in the alchemist i feel sick to work on the comfy. austin two hours. there was this
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he seemed content to their counties. i mean c'mon people people are being held this friday. then he pooped. i didn't. still you know the document it. used to two killed genocide. this tool but it is easy the court to me. they stood in the us. there are still commonly known happening. for the most teaching the united states. fifty five thousand people. we also have been gone for two seats in the center. my mom. it costs it's frightening to me. what you say hi. there's snow
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this discrimination. you would win. we will the news. lead is ukraine's jewish community to join the country's other faith groups including on russia in two weeks to look streets from the ukrainian black sea contains less of crimea rabbi jacob don't like president of the jewish federation of ukraine added his signature to elect a which stated we will continue to build friendly and fraternal relations with russia but only as a sovereign and independent states. the backlash against moss go through ukraine's to use comes as the kremlin continues to assert that the newly installed for the eu government in kiev was brougo

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